Who We Are

Board & Staff

Our Staff

Miranda Restovic
President/Executive Director, LEH
Executive Director, PRIME TIME, Inc.

Division of Operations and Administration

Patrick Carrier
Chief Operating Officer

Amy Ricke
Director of Human Resources

Cecile Faye Lee
Human Resources Coordinator

Bellena Melton
Human Resources Payroll Specialist

Jared White
Director of Operations

Danice Faulkner-Edwards
Office and Facilities Manager

Henry Holmes
Building Engineer

Erin Van Geffen
Finance Manager

Aileen Miller
Finance Manager

Shana Harrison
Accounting Clerk

Division of Institutional Advancement

Rebecca Troast
Annual Fund and Database Manager

Division of Public Programs

Erin Greenwald, Ph.D.
Vice President of Public Programs
Editor-in-Chief, 64 Parishes

Chris Robert
Grants Manager
Assistant Media Editor, 64 Parishes

Clare Shelburne
Public Programs Assistant

Chris Turner-Neal
Managing Editor, 64 Parishes

Lauren Noel
Marketing and Sales Director

Jennifer Boquet
Education Marketing Manager

Division of Education

Shelley Stocker 
Vice President of Education Programs

Sarah DeBacher
Director of Curriculum and Content Development

James Brown
Program Manager

Lacey Cunningham
Program Manager

Christina Lott
Program Manager

Division of Head Start and Strategy

Stalanda Butcher
Vice President of Head Start Services

LaQuincy Smith
Strategy Program Manager

Our Board of Directors

Brad A. Adams
Immediate Past Chair, New Orleans

Melinda Fitzgerald Anderson

Elizabeth Ary
Treasurer, New Orleans

Dorian Bennett
New Orleans

Ty Bromell
Baton Rouge

Chris Cenac, Sr., MD

Rebecca Collins
New Iberia

Stewart Ewing

Faye Flanagan

Elaine Garvey
New Orleans

Mark Gremillion

Sherry Guarisco
Baton Rouge

Janet V. Haedicke, PhD
Secretary, Monroe

Randy K. Haynie
Vice-Chair, Lafayette

Linda Holyfield

Saundra Levy
New Orleans 

Liz Mangham
Baton Rouge

Kellen Mathews
Baton Rouge

Melinda Mintz
New Orleans

Jody Montelaro
Baton Rouge

Willie Landry Mount
Chair, Lake Charles

David Rockett, Jr.

Marie Moyse Schlesinger

Anna Rita Scott
New Orleans

Sharlene Sinegal-DeCuir, PhD
New Orleans

Mary Ann Sternberg
Baton Rouge

Drew Tessier
Baton Rouge

Sharonda Williams
New Orleans