Media Catalogue: Law and Jurisprudence

*900 Women

Video: VHS, color, 75 minutes
Built in 1970, the Louisiana Correctional Institute is located in the small town of St. Gabriel. It houses the state’s most dangerous female prisoners and often exceeds its population capacity of 900. Filmmaker Laleh Khadivi delivers a striking, sensitive portrait of life in this deceptively peaceful atmosphere, which is filled with stories of life on the streets, abuse, freedom, childbirth and motherhood. Copyright 2000.
Producer: Jonathan Stack
Directors: Laleh Khadivi and Jonathan Stack

*Angola: Society’s Nemesis
Video: VHS, color; 58 minutes
An historical survey of the Louisiana State prison at Angola and the status of the prison system in Louisiana today, including the history of atrocities and brutalities leading to Angola’s identification in 1975 as the bloodiest prison in America. The slavelabor aspect of the convict lease program and the inmate guard system are identified as part of why Angola is called Alcatraz of the South. The second half of the program questions the future of Angola. Copyright 1980.
Producer/Director: Thom Wolf

*Jury Duty: Criminal Proceedings
Video: VHS, color; 25 minutes
This video documents one day in the life of a citizen who has been called for jury duty in a criminal proceeding. Copyright 1987.
Producer: Video Enterprises
Director: John Korbel

*Louisiana Prison: Angola
Video: VHS, color; 27 minutes
An eyeopening and dramatic portrayal of life inside the crowded Angola Prison. Among the topics are the exploitation of inmates, brutality, and the freshfish orientation to the electric chair. Changes, both good and bad, are examined, and the inmates are given a voice. Based on the book Politics and Punishment by Dr. Mark T. Carleton. Copyright 1983.
Producer: Innovative Films

*Rape By Any Name
Video: VHS, color; 60 minutes
This documentary explores the subject of acquaintance rape and how the judicial system deals with the act. Copyright 1990.
Producer: Louisiana Public Broadcasting
Directors: Angelique Lastrapes & Wade Hanks

*Which Governs Best
Video: VHS, color; 60 minutes
Using New Orleans as a test case, this ambitious video produced for television examines the role that government plays in the lives of three families from different socioeconomic groups. Among the issues presented are the questions surrounding the government’s proper domain, accountability, and responsibility. Copyright 1986.
Producer: Institute of Human Relations/Loyola University, New Orleans
Director: Eddie Kurtz

*Your Day in Court: A Civil Proceeding
Video: VHS, color; 20 minutes
A civil court case is traced from initial discussions with lawyers, through the court process, to the appeals process. Steps necessary for a materially injured party to follow in Louisiana’s civil court system are detailed. Copyright 1987.
Producer: Paulette Holahan/Louisiana Supreme Court
Director: John Korbel/Video Enterprises Inc.

*Your Louisiana Courts: How They Work
Video: VHS, color; 23 minutes
This is a basic and practical explanation of how the Louisiana judicial system works. It delves into the history and touches on the philosophy of Louisiana law while portraying the civil law tradition. Noting the differences of the Louisiana judicial system from other states, the video ponders the French and Spanish roots of Louisiana’s courts to reveal its combination of canon and civil law. The procedures of a civil trial, how laws are made in Louisiana, and the levels of the court system are explained.
Producer: Paulette Holahan/Louisiana Supreme Court
Director: John Korbel/Video Enterprises Inc.

*Funding provided by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.