Louisiana State Poet Laureate

Jack Bedell

2017-18 Request for Proposals

Jack Bedell: Conversations with and Readings by Louisiana’s State Poet Laureate

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities announces the availability of grants to sponsor the Poet Laureate for readings and discussions in libraries and cultural institutions throughout the state.

About the Louisiana Poet Laureate 2017-2019

Dr. Bedell is a Professor of English at Southeastern Louisiana University and the author of nine books, including Call and Response (with Darrell Bourque, 2010), Come Rain, Come Shine (2006), What Passes for Love (2001), Bone-Hollow, True: New & Selected Poems (2013), Elliptic (2016), Revenant (2016), and most recently, No Brother, This Storm (2018). As editor of Southeastern’s literary magazine Louisiana Literature since 1992, he has published numerous Louisiana poets. Dr. Bedell has taught creative writing to students of all ages, from the third-grade level to the graduate level over the last 30 years. Intimate and personable, his work reflects a familiarity with Louisiana life and its people. In addition, he has worked with the LEH’s award-winning PRIME TIME Family Literacy Program as a storyteller and continues to promote the writing of his fellow Louisianans.

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (LEH) will award grants to non-profit organizations for a maximum of $1,000 each. Dr. Bedell is available to present or lead workshops on these topics and more:

* Poetry and the Environment

* Voice and Place  in poetry

* Poetry as Community

* Teaching poetry writing to children in the classroom

* Teaching poetry writing to adults

* The Revision process

* Forming a productive poetry workshop

* Collaboration with other art forms

* Contemporary American poetry

Criteria for all projects:

Submissions must be of interest to general public audiences. Events must be open to the general adult public. Programs designed strictly for school-age children are ineligible.

Eligible Costs:

Applicants may request funds for stipends, publicity and promotional materials. Generally, the honorarium for the Poet Laureate will depend upon the number of activities and length of travel from her home.

Application Process:

Potential applicants should contact the LEH to secure detailed information on preparing the application. The staff will review and critique drafts submitted four to six weeks before the deadline.

Application Deadlines:

Ongoing until funds are exhausted. Applications must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the planned event.  Awards will be announced within two weeks of applying.

Contact Jack Bedell to schedule an appearance:

To order copies of Dr. Bedell’s books for appearances, contact his publishers:

Texas A&M Press Consortium

Yellow Flag Press

Blue Horse Press

Mercer University Press

For application details, contact:
Christopher Robert