“All the artists I have ever respected have always had the habit of passing on what they have learned, and I think you are obligated to do that. I mean, what sense does it make to spend a lifetime gathering information that you die with? … I believe the ancestors expect for you to pass it on. If you don’t it ceases.” 

John T. Scott (1940 – 2007)

Finish Strong so we can Pass It On

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities seeks to “pass it on.” The “it” is the cultural richness and deep history of our state. The “it” is understanding the need to share the power of the humanities – whether with a 3 year  old at our PRIME TIME Head Start program or a retired person enjoying our Museum on Main Street exhibit, a Smithsonian Institute Partnership.

Louisiana has so much to offer the world and the LEH works hard to pass it on – to share it. In so doing, culture, history, and education are made new in the telling, in the sharing.

The LEH needs your support to be able to partner with communities, institutions, and individuals to explore Louisiana’s past, reflect on our present, and imagine our future. You help us pass it on by offering your support today. Please help us finish the year strong with a gift – a gift that will allow us to keep passing it on.