Information on this page is relevant for LOUISIANA-BASED schools and organizations.

PRIME TIME Homeroom Teacher Professional Learning

Format: Lectures, Interactive Presentations, and Practice

Schedule: Varies; Flexible Half-day/Full-day Workshop Modules Available Based on Partner Needs

Partners: School Districts and Individual Schools

Audience: School Administrators, Faculty, and Staff; Flexible Spacing Available Based on Partner Needs

PRIME TIME HomeRoom is a new statewide initiative intended to deliver humanities-based, teacher professional development for Louisiana’s public school districts. PRIME TIME HomeRoom program includes 50-plus hours of intensive training involving all stakeholders at the school site: teachers, administrators, support staff, and families. The program teaches educators how to incorporate literacy instruction across core subjects and throughout the school day using a student-centered approach and collective learning strategies. A key component of the HomeRoom methodology is the promotion of home-school partnerships. The curriculum is aligned with Louisiana Grade-Level Expectations (GLE’s) and the Common Core State Standards.

Email the PRIME TIME staff for additional details on this program.


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